The Castle Chiaramonte of Siculiana is full of legends and myths that werhout the ages. Many think that it was built in the mythical “Camico of Kokalo” since it is near river Canne, which was navigable in the past and it was also the centre of wheat trading. It was possible to enter in the castle only through the south wing due to its particular position on the cliff. It was also guarded by soldiers so that nobody could enter. There was a secret passage that lead directly to the maritime landing of Siculiana, (Caricatore of Siculiana), so in case of siege, the villagers could feed themselves with the cereal provisions hidden in the passage. If you try closing your eyes, you can still be able to see, within the walls of the castle, the ingenious Dedalo working at his new inventions and the spirit of Brancaleone Doria, who married Lady costanza Chiaramonte. The same Brancaleone that dante mentioned in his Divina Commedia. Within these solid walls, the St. Crucifix was found in the Church of St. Lorenzo. For many villagers, the castle was their prison, and you can still read on the walls the prisoners names and personal thoughts. it is inside these prisons that history meets legend. Inside a prison cell, an old dying villager called Carmelo confided to a young prisoner, Ntoni, who took care of him, a secret that Carmelo held for too many years. he talked about treachery, theft and murder. Carmelo told Ntoni that close to a fountaine, on the top of a little hill, a secret treasure was hidden. Five villagers knew about the treasure, they were all murdered and Carmelo was the last of the fellowship. He got caught by a soldier while killing his forth companion. Men are greedy and greed is teacherous. all the gold was burried under a rock and one of the companions promised to guard the secret treasure in life and in death. as soon as he spoke these words, he was stabbed in the heart. the spirit of the guardian still remains, trapped in his own promise. to get hold of the treasure you have to wet the rock with holy water and pray for the guardian’s soul. Carmelo begged Ntoni to find the treasure and donate half of the goods to the Church of St. Crucifix in return of forgiveness for all his crimes so that his soul could rest in peace. Look in the direction of the castle’s window, in the distance you will see that little hill and when you have reached it, look down and you will see a ditch in the rock.